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Our Technology

We develop a smartphone application dedicated to midwives and doctors who manage deliveries all around the world.
Our AI based picture analysis provides expert level diagnosis about the CardioTocoGraphs (CTGs) traces.
Our integrated decision support system provides acurate clinical management guidance during the delivery.

Safer deliveries through AI guided decisions

Our technology can help reduce the rate of unnecessary interventions and missed hypoxia, ensuring safer deliveries and preserving the health of mothers and their babies

How It Works

“From my earliest days in the labor room as a resident to my current role as a private obstetrician, this tool has been a game-changer I’ve always dreamed of. Recognizing my own limitations in making critical decisions under pressure, particularly during intense night shifts or stressful situations, the ability to accurately interpret CTG readings with this tool has truly transformed my practice. It’s not just a tool; it’s your best ally in ensuring the highest standard of care when it matters most.”

Dr Luka VELEMIR, Tweris CEO